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September 7, 2018

The upanddownMedia.london website places cookies, which are small data files, on your computer or handheld device.

Cookies are small pieces of information which are issued to your computer when you visit a website and which store and sometimes track information about your use of the site. We use cookies to elevate your user experience and the quality of our site and service. When you enter our site our web server sends a cookie to your computer which allows us to recognise your computer. By associating the identification numbers in the cookies with other customer information when for example you login to the site, then we know that the cookie information relates to you.

By proceeding beyond this page you consent to our cookie settings and agree that you understand this Cookies Policy which explains how you can manage your cookie choices and preferences. Please be aware that restricting cookies will impact on your user experience and may prevent you from using part of our website.

Why use cookies?
This website uses cookies to collect information about your journey around a website , so that we can improve the quality of our site and service. This information is used by us to

  • provide statistics on how our site is used
  • see how effective our adverts are by identifying where you click and which website you arrived from
  • provide feedback to our selected third party partners that one of our visitors also visited their website; and
  • help us improve the site by measuring any errors which occur during your browsing experience

We do not, however, use cookies to collect or record information on users’ name, address or other contact details.  upanddownMedia.london is able to use cookies to monitor individual site visitor browsing behaviour but third parties are not able to identify site visitors using cookies.

Some of the cookies used by our site are served by us, and some are served by third parties who are delivering services on our behalf. We also use Google Analytics to help improve our website experience, they will also set cookies on our behalf.

What happens if you disable cookies?
This depends on which cookies you disable, but in general the site may not operate properly if cookies are switched off.